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The 2006 Global financial and economic chaos has highlighted the flaws in the world’s financial systems and on the immoral inequality it has generated. It is a perennial effect of capitalism that is to be expected with some frequency, perhaps even with increasing frequency too.

It is a direct result of a collection of systemic and endemic contradictions within our social & economic organization. The main contradiction, from which most others flow, centers around ‘money’. In contemporary society MONEY IS MERELY A TOKEN OF VALUE‘, yet the prevailing ethos is simply to ‘MAKE MONEY, EVEN WITHOUT CREATING VALUE’. Furthermore, in this endeavor, money itself has become a commodity only to be traded for money, profits, interest and rents.

Our site is dedicated to the analysis of this phenomenon, all of its ramifications and associated unhealthy bifurcations, especially inequality. The spread of our analysis is global, so are the solutions mentioned – these will have to be modulated for the environment/country in which the reader is located.The author lives and developed the site in the US and as the most Capitalistic country, this would influence his perspective, case histories and examples chosen. Although having the most codification for structural democracy, a written constitution, supporting Institutions, ‘Checks and Balances’, etc. It is clear to see how the Capitalist mode can divert the best of intentions. The Site is accompanied by a book Titled –


Making Money without Creating Value

Or the Book is accompanied by the Site.It expands on several of the topics mentioned on the site, giving an expanded treatment of all the techniques used to ‘bamboozle’ and confuse the populace. It is available on the “Store Front” on the site

There are already many sites doing an excellent job, exposing various contemporary social, political and economic conflicting “facts” on the INTERNET. We take things two step further, viz:-

  1. Providing a dialectical analysis, drilling down to the root causes as a means of arriving at an intelligent solution, and
  2. Assuming the presumption to suggest solutions.

We are providing a Glossary with precise terms and definitions as to void the popular use of clichés, and to ensure that in any discourse on the site there is no confusion of the definition of terminologies used.


Site Guide

This site therefore, with its many contributors, is designed to provide FACTS that would enable the reader to develop an understanding of his/her economic, social and political environments. It provides suggested methods for actions to initiate change. Over the years, many forces have engaged in the manipulation and distortion of facts, even downright misinformation to advance their own agenda. In the extreme they may even engage in the promotion of falsities to achieve their objectives.

‘Facttracks’ purpose is to expose and counter these, and in so doing, enable the reader to make decisions  necessary to effect meaningful “changes”, as a course of action. Changes that are consistent with his/her own personal and society’s self interest. So often people make choices that are not in their own self interest, only because of these conceptual distortions.

Here we emphasize FACTS as against Opinions, to highlight our position that we do not compromise on facts. We may each have our own opinions but not our own facts, facts are immutable and not the creation of anyone’s thoughts or property and therefore not subject to individual personal customization. In the extension of our arguments, as in the formulation of a hypothesis we will use facts as premises in our discussions.  Thereby ensuring that our thinking and positions are of good sound logic and not logic that merely sounds good.

We shall attempt to differentiate our opinions from the facts from which they are derived, as much as is reasonably possible. At the same time we also challenge anyone to dispute the validity of the facts that we present here in our arguments.

These pages should be of particular interest to those previously of The Occupy Movement, The Labor Movement and others of Progressive and Liberal persuasions. Even the Ultra Conservative will benefit from reading these pages.  We do not assume the presumption of arrogance in saying what their agenda or objective(s) should be, but we will say that they will, perhaps for the first time be exposed to some reasoning for the occurrence of some phenomena. With that exposure they may come to a position of accepting or even creating themselves solutions based on rational thinking.

There is provision on site for a Blog,  a Discussion Forum, there is an extensive Glossary that will be used to precisely define the terms used in discussions on the site. The Glossary is intended to  eliminate some forms of interactive confusion. There is a FAQ to address questions that readers may have and there is a DONATE facility to accept contributions to assist in defraying operational costs. In addition there is an International page, complimenting our global objective, where many of our pages are presented in other languages. A Store Front is present for the sale of promotional items, books, media and similar articles. Our basic tenets and Mission Statement are provided under the BASIC INFO link on the navigation bar above or from here.

The  BASIC INFO link provides explicit details, in several areas, on the basics of our philosophies, thinking and proposed solutions and should be regarded as required reading. Some postings / pages or their summaries, made in the blog space may, from time to time be given more permanent status through links as ‘Featured Articles’ instead of storage in the Archives only.


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