Mission Statement and Basic Tenets

Mission Statement

With the backdrop of the current slow recovering economic and the financial chaos, global in its range, and the next one coming, we have recognized the existence of several failing critical structures in society and its institutions. We have defined as our Mission the role of highlighting the historical contradictions and fallacies on which these institutions have been based, or that have evolved within the body politic. We strive to expose these matrices of conflicting entities that have created superstructures in these institutions, which are intrinsically  flawed and in which no one can have confidence. With this knowledge, a more rational approach need to be taken in rebuilding society eliminating these vulnerabilities and problems.


Our current strategies in the current political environment.

Worldwide there is a fertile environment for political activity in the current economic and financial environment. The weakly progressive movements caved in to the demands of the ‘conservatives and the right wingers’ (deregulation; privatization; etc.) and are now part owners of the aggravated problems created. The opportunistic ‘conservatives and right wingers’ now point at the progressive elements as the cause of the problem. They, have teamed up now with the nationalist and the ultra-nationalist for a “Great Power Grab”. This new Right has made its presence felt all across Europe, the US and even India. Confusing as it may seem the “Communist Parties” in both Russia and China have now become more Capitalistic than the traditional Capitalists. One thing that is obvious in this new theater is that ‘labor’ is NOT an active participant.

It is now time for the True left and progressives to take a pause and analyze, as to what and to where things went wrong?

We do not see any benefits in contributing to the current diatribe, it is already owned and controlled by the capitalist, both sides, or all sides where they exist. And the most that one can expect to accomplish in that arena is a retrogressive reformist stand, at best if that is possible.
The site’s focus is on the elimination and the replacement of the current system with a combination of a worker owned system – i.e. the means of production must be worker owned coupled with Direct Democracy.



Some of our basic tenets and positions are embodied in the topics listed below.

List:  | Politics | Liberalism | Logic | Facts | Value | Money | Markets | Class | Greed | Religion | History | Cooperatives | Democracies |

Of course we cannot list them all and these therefore only represents a small subset of concepts that biases our interpretation. Yes, the interpretation of facts (not the facts themselves) are subjected to individual biases. Unfortunately, some words have become misaligned with negative subjected associations, words such as bias, liberal, greed and many others. Consequently, many persons do not like to associate those attributes with themselves. The harsh reality is that we all have those attributes, the real issues are the validity of the attributes,the contextual definitions and how we manage them.

It is advisable to read these items one at a time with a break in between to fully understand them, by mulling them over in the mind one can synthesize and crystallize them into our own experiences and conceptual realities. They may also provide interesting topics for discussion in the Forum.


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