A dictionary and a glossary, although sometimes used interchangeably, are fundamentally different. A dictionary is a collection of words with lots of associated information. A glossary is a collection of words also but with specific reference to the topics of the application or document being addressed. The importance here is that word usage have in general been corrupted, bastardized, popularized and reduced to ‘fads’ and cliches. The negative effect of this, is that in logical arguments a premise is established or stated (correctly or incorrectly) from which some deduction is made. When such a condition exists or is created and the premises are not clearly defined and agreed on (if only for the purpose of the argument) confusion and chaos results.

From a practical perspective, we are adding this Glossary Page, to ensure that we are defining and talking about the same thing(s) in our discussions. So often people engage in ‘verbal combat’, only to find that they have not precisely defined the subject of their argument and each person is arguing about something totally different, even though they may be using the same descriptive words.
It is for these reasons that a glossary is of such importance here.