Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the Static FAQ and the Dynamic FAQ?

Why is there a need for these pages and site?

How does this site differ from others, purportedly dealing with facts?

Why isn’t this information carried by the mainstream press and media?

Why isn’t this information carried in the curricula of the major educational institutions?


A static FAQ, is a FAQ that is fixed, as on these pages, is fixed.

On a Dynamic FAQ the page is interactive. Readers can ask questions and there are many other functions available here. Readers have the following options:

  • Add a question to the FAQ
  • Add both a question and answer
  • FAQ records could be translated to other languages, 40+ languages are available
  • FAQ pages can be sent to up to 5 friends by e-mail from our pages.
  • FAQ can be sent to supported social networks
  • FAQ pages can be exported to *.pdf formats for a hard copy output
  • Attachments could be uploaded or added

Significant queries from 1 and 2 above may be added to the Static pages here by our Moderators or Administrator.

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After seeing and hearing so many ‘talking heads’ and others on the mass media and elsewhere making statements, laden with inaccuracies, inaccuracies which get propagated as truth and facts, we decided on establishing this site to correct this pollution and distortion of ‘REALITY’. Some of these may be innocently espoused but quite a few are intended to be deliberate misinformation for the promotion of some latent agenda. One of the results of this, is that persons armed with this “misinformation” are seen making decisions against their very self interest in favor of another, whom they falsely perceive to be working in their interest.

We have included a Glossary on site such that the definition of terms used are clear and even subtle nuances are clarified. There is a Discussion Forum such that users can discuss and expand on the various issues and topics raised here.

We emphasize basing our hypothesis and arguments on facts and empiricism, inductive reasoning such that the schema of our logic is sound. The resulting logic of our rational matrix is therefore self consistent and we welcome any deviation from this to be brought to our attention.

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Many other sites are addressing “facts” as in “truths and untruths” that are propagated in the political and other arenas. Basically, misinformation that may be deliberately or incidentally planted to serve some agenda. Many of these organizations are already doing an exemplary job.

Our perspective is that the current economic and financial chaos, global in range, is indicative of failed institutions worldwide. The recession(s) that we have experienced and are experiencing are not of the normal capitalist cycling of over production and inventory accumulation but rather of intrinsic structural systemic contradictions and defects. The corrections attempted so far are hollow, as they do not address the fundamental problem and the problem(s) will reappear sooner than we would want to believe. The solutions are not easy, not effectively implemented in short term patches and fixes either. Unfortunately, politicians are not all potential statesmen and do not see beyond their term of office. They are primarily managers and not visionaries. It will require the ‘PEOPLE‘ to take the lead and have them follow.

Our focus is to highlight these historical contradictions on which these institutions have been based, or that have evolved within their body politic. We strive to expose these matrices of conflicting entities that have created superstructures which are flawed and that no one can have confidence in.

To correct the problem(s) we have first to define them and this is what we have set out to do. And this is our difference.

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The press and the remainder of the mass media, for the most part have no interest in educating the public. For the most part they are concerned with maximizing their readership, number of listeners etc., because these are the metrics on which they advertisers pay for their display. Consequently the programming emphasis is placed on entertainment and anything that is bizarre, even in the news. Rarely would you find a radio or TV station providing a commentary after the news, giving any sort of analysis.

Secondly, in the US, and perhaps elsewhere too, there has been a consolidation of ownership of the media into the groups of companies owned by larger Super Corporations, many Multinationals, that do not have any interest in providing real news and information. They strip themselves of their foreign xxx and have done a poor job of establishing a pool of foreign correspondence as a replacement. They created highly paid “pretty looking” Anchor Persons in the process and the Journalists in their organization have learned to engage in “self censorship” as they try to cultivate their careers into the next “Anchor Person.”

Popular news and information through these sources have become sterile, the populace is “dumbed down” and everything is reduced to a simplistic soundbite.

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