In any scenario, without the free flow of information appropriate decisions cannot be made. With the flow of distorted information only distorted decisions can be made. Despite the advancements made in the Post Enlightenment Period there has been a concerted effort to ‘dumb’ down the intelligence of the population, making them ‘numb’ as a consequence and luring them into accepting that state as normal. This can be correlated with corporate creep.

A liberal education or liberal thinking is not in vogue any more, remember the ‘evil’ “L – Word”. Critical thinking is not really encouraged or facilitated, only lip service is paid to it. The emphasis and preference in education is to train persons to flip switches but not why to flip the switch.

The Press which is one of the agents positioned at the forefront of supplying information to the populace is no longer a tool of the “People”. Globally, the Press has been absorbed into a few multi-national¬† conglomerates. Their corporate super structure set their corporate profile, filter and feed the information to the populace. Now, by an endless series of mergers, acquisitions and endless rent seeking activities, they are gaining or have gained control of virtually all of the means of communication ¬†– the networks, the air waves and now the Internet.

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