The more “things change” the more they remain the same.

A veritable truth, and why is that so? Because there has been no change; only you the individual and you collectively can make things change.

Personalities, charismatic or otherwise, cannot effect change, unless allowed to. “Allowed” implies the involvement of a power relationship. Politicians, even those of good intentions and of ‘good will’ cannot effect change unless allowed to. Religious leaders and similarly related personalities cannot effect change unless allowed to; at least not in this world, perhaps in the other coming world.

Scientific and technological advancement cannot effect change unless allowed to too – it is gobbled up by the power brokers as soon as it appears. The questions asked by Jean – Jacques Rouseau in his “Discourse on Inequality” (1755) and by Henry George in his book “Progress and Poverty” (1897), is more applicable today than it was then.

But who is it that have their hands on the “ALLOW”/”NOT ALLOWED” toggle switch?
Those who have and or control ‘Power’.

Surely, NOT ‘We The People’.

No wonder a large section of the populace do not vote or participate in any significant civic activities, they have de facto been excluded from the decision making or ownership roles.


To Effect Change

The two essential effectors and their responsibilities are –

  • You (Individually): Acquiring the knowledge and understanding of the Political, Economic and Social environment that you/we are in.
  • You (collectively): A Mobilization Process – the effective development of the collective strategy and tactics to create real change.

Remember that the mess we are in today is largely based on the fallacious acceptance of GREED and Social Darwinism as natural human nature.

So, let’s be realistic, the POWERS that be, WILL NOT SERENELY lay back and passively allow changes to be made –  changes that are simply not in their self interest

There would be a struggle and from a strategical perspective one most have an anticipatory position and even several (i.e. more than one) tactical counter deployment to unfurl. 


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