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Welcome to Facttracks, a site for renewed political, civic re-education and mobilization for real change.

Undoubtedly, worldwide there is a significant shift to the extreme right, giving rise to quasi  Neo-Fascist like movements emerging under a thin facade of Nationalism. Even, if not a complete shift, at least their numbers and significance have risen momentously and do pose  a serious threat to the forward progressive march of mankind. Since our appearance on this piece of rock called earth, human evolution has occurred, over both space within it and in the time within our sphere of influence. This evolution has occurred not only in our physical form but also in our technologies and organizational structures.

Our numbers have been increasing in almost continuous manner in what appears to be  the classical sigmoidal manner but that has not yet plateaued or flattened out. At the same time our readily accessible resources have remained the same, quantitatively unchanged and finite. Yes technology and science, in that order, have ameliorated that natural limitations in facilitation that we would have experienced. But this comes at a ‘price’ too, some of which are patently unnatural.

One of those unnatural ‘price’ factors is ‘Inequality‘ – as we achieve greater technological advancements in agriculture and industry we have produced more hunger and disparity in the distribution of the wealth created.

Our site describes and analyses this and similar disparities, we do this with the exposure, analysis and even reinterpretation of some historical precedents. We highlight these with the fallacious notions that were designed to confuse the populace and the laws that were and are used to enforce them. The overarching aim is intended to educate and mobilize “The People” to really take control as in “We The People”.