Political vs Apolitical

We are neither political nor apolitical! We choose to be non-political instead. as against being apolitical. We interpret these definitions this way, that being political implies been affiliated to some political group or organization. which we are not. We do however have, nourish and develop political thoughts, as they impact every aspect of our lives, especially those with ramifications on the distribution of power, wealth, the economy, social attributes and access. Being apolitical implies not having any political thoughts. Of course there are many who would wish we were, especially if it means being oblivious of the voting process and if it means that they can effectively complicate and convolute the voting rights to the point where we abstain from the process. Historically, the latter was the norm, universal adult suffrage and women suffrage were ‘inalienable’ rights that affected people had to fight for, at least in our intermediate and recent history.

Political idealization as expressed in various “-isms” we do not subscribe to, as they tend to become dogmatic, eliminating freedom of thought. This is not to imply that we may not look at one more favorably than another. We reserve the right however to extract any rational, logical set(s) of truths or facts, from any ‘-ism’ and incorporate them into our pillars of thought.

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